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Serving Surrogate

Court Papers

process server in surrogate court

Process Server in Yonkers

Process Servers in Yonkers New York

Surrogate court papers deal with estates and guardianships. Most papers from this court require in-hand-only service to people. As the most stringent of courts, there is no room for error in providing information with such papers. Please provide ESLS with as much information as possible (as in Matrimonials).

Citations require service of 10 days notice before court date, and if served outside the State of New York, 20 days notice is necessary. Affidavits of service must be filed 3 days before court date.

Surrogate Court Matters

Our Locations

New York Office:
217 Centre Street, Ste. 108
New York, NY 10013



New Rochelle Office:

3 Church Street, # 736

New Rochelle, NY 10801


Yonkers Office:

18 Rollins Street, #3W

Yonkers NY 10705


Brooklyn Office:

552 Atlantic Ave Ste #201

Brooklyn NY 11217


Mount Vernon Office:

1 W Prospect Avenue Ste #73

Mount Vernon NY 10550


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