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Redaction of Confidential Information Form needed for Filings

The Administrative Board of the Courts has approved the adoption of a new rule - section 202.5(e) of the Uniform Rules of the Supreme and County Courts (22 NYCRR 202.5(e)) - requiring attorneys to omit or redact certain confidential personal information from court filings in Supreme and County Court. This rule became effective on January 1, 2015; compliance was voluntary through February 28, 2015, and mandatory thereafter. The new rule is included at the following link. It covers both e-filed and paper-filed cases. Also available at that site is a video training link and a fill-in form.



RJI Form (Request for Judicial Intervention)

Effective September 1, 2011, the Unified Court System has promulgated a revised Request for Judicial Intervention Form (Form USC-840 Rev. 3/2011), and Addenda, for use in civil practice in the Supreme and County Courts.

The forms include the RJI itself (UCS-840), a general addendum (UCS-840A), and specialized addenda for Commercial Division (UCS-840C), foreclosure (UCS-840F), and matrimonial matters (UCS-840M).

RJI forms are provided in both plain and fillable document formats. Please note that fillable forms may have a slightly different appearance due to the use of form fields and controls (i.e., drop-down menus, radio buttons, etc.). However, there are no substantive differences in form content.

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