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This article will provide guidance on How To Serve legal papers on Marriott International, Inc. (Marriott Hotel). Marriott International, Inc. is an American multinational company that operates, franchises, and licenses lodging including hotel, residential, and timeshare properties. It is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. The company was founded by J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice Marriott. In 2021, the number of Marriott International hotels worldwide nearly reached 8,000. These days, a significant portion of these properties are located outside of the United States. This is in part due to the acquisitions of Canadian chain Delta Hotels and American chain Starwood Hotels and Resorts in the years 2015 and 2016, respectively. As of 2021, the number of Marriott International properties by region continued to grow significantly.

Four categories of hotel brands make up Marriott's portfolio:

Luxury: Bespoke and superb amenities and services

Edition, The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, The Luxury Collection, W Hotels Worldwide, St Regis Hotels & Resorts, Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts.

Premium: Sophisticated and thoughtful amenities and services.

Sheraton, Marriott, Marriott Vacation Club, Delta Hotels, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Le Meridien, Renaissance Hotels, Autograph Collection Hotels, Tribute Portfolio, Design Hotels, Gaylord Hotels.

Select: Smart and easy amenities and services

Courtyard By Marriott, Springhill Suites by Marriott, Four Points by Sheraton, Fairfield by Marriott, Protea Hotels Marriott, AC Hotels Marriott, Aloft Hotels, Moxy Hotels.

Longer Stays: Amenities and services that mirror the comforts of home

Residence Inn by Marriott, Towne place Suites By Marriott, Marriott Executive Apartments, Element by Westin.

Marriott International is a leader and strong competitor in a variety of industries, including hotels and motels, food service, facilities management.


Marriott International Inc. (Marriott) is a hospitality service provider that operates hotels and restaurants. It operates, franchises, and licenses hotels, residential and timeshare properties under several luxury, premium, and select brand names. Its brands include the Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, St.


While the New York Secretary of State may be designated as an agent, it does not preclude any domestic corporation or authorized foreign corporation from appointing a registered agent in the state upon whom process against the such corporation may be served. To become a company, limited partnership, LLC, or LLP in New York, paperwork has to be filed with the New York Department of State, Division of Corporations (commonly referred to as the Secretary of State). To register a foreign entity in New York State, one must first file a Notice of Registration (for an LLP) or an Application for Authority (for all other foreign entities).

This initial registration form must name the New York Secretary of State as the business entity’s representative for any service of procedure and have an address to which the Secretary of State may forward any legal papers received on behalf of the entity (which can be a Post Office box or an out-of-state address). Once completing the preliminary registration, the business organization can modify its registered agent by submitting a Certificate of Change to the Secretary of State and a USD40 charge.

A ‘registered agent’ (also known as an agent for service of process) is a person or company that a company selects to receive official legal documentation such as subpoenas, wage garnishments, litigation documents, and any other formal legal documentation. Any business, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), or limited partnership in New York State must have a licensed agent who is either [A.] established in New York State (a domestic entity); or [B.] structured in another state, province, or nation and doing business in New York State (a foreign entity).

For Marriott International, Inc., the registered agent is CT Corporation, or the Corporation Trust Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer; CT Corporation is the largest registered agent service firm globally, representing hundreds of thousands of business entities worldwide. CT Corporation can accept service of process on behalf of Marriott International, Inc..

The registered agent’s duties include [A.] keep a New York street address (that does not include a PO box, private postal box, or mail service), [B.] obtaining New York City Process Service for the company;[C.] receiving official papers mailed or sent on the business’s behest, such as license renewal notices; and [D.] immediately forwarding all legal papers to the business owner.

Professional agents sometimes have additional requirements, such as reviewing and recording registry papers, providing notices when annual reports or license renewals are required, and storing information.

Any such designation of a registered agent may be made, revoked, or changed, and a registered agent may resign as such an agent. If the Department of State receives a Certificate of Resignation, the agent is terminated from their employ within thirty days. A certificate designating a new registered agent may be delivered to the department of state by the corporation within thirty days or thereafter. Registered agents must still have a fixed street address in New York for their registered business address. In New York State, registered agents would have to be accessible during regular business hours and be eligible to receive official paperwork. Should the organization choose to ensure that the company they have chosen as a licensed agent satisfies New York State’s legal standards, they should do a corporate name request on the Department of State’s Division of Corporations website.


Subpoenas for Marriott International Inc. need to be provided to the registered agent. For subpoenas to be valid, they need to indicate the court and jurisdiction and include the case number. Chase Bank cannot accept subpoenas’ service at all of its offices, considering that it has multiple entities. Currently, service on Marriott International Inc. must be provided upon each of these entities to be considered appropriate service. It is necessary to address the subpoena for firms accurately; mailing and personal distribution of subpoenas to these places face interruption and denial. Subpoenas may therefore indicate which documents and data are being obtained. Any subpoenas issued with broad demands (e.g., ‘any) can yield restricted responses. Furthermore, Marriott International Inc. specifies a number for fax service and can be reached by the same.

Every subpoena must include the court’s identity from which the subpoena was issued and the court’s identity in which the underlying action is pending, complete with a proper citation of the title of the action and the civil action number. The entity in question must be specified to whom the subpoena is directed to be considered applicable and not returned. It should be noted that a request to quash, fix circumstances, or modify a subpoena must be presented as quickly as practicable in the court where the subpoena is recoverable.

If the warrant is not returnable in appeal, an attempt to revoke or amend the subpoena must then be sent to the individual who requested it, followed by a petition to quash, correct condition, or modify before the Supreme Court. Furthermore, appropriate terms of reasonable conditions can be put on the grant or refusal of a petition to quash or amend. Marriott International Inc. can be compelled to appear or produce by the court if the serving party [A.] shows a substantial need for the testimony or material that cannot be otherwise met without undue hardship, and [B.] ensures that the subpoenaed person will be reasonably compensated.

Every subpoena should include [A.] the text of FRCP 45(c) and (d), which set out the witness’ rights and duties in responding, objecting, or moving to quash the subpoena, [B.] time and place for either the production or inspection of documents or for attendance at a hearing, trial or deposition (known as the return date), [C.] categories of documents sought (if the subpoena commands the production or inspection of documents) and [D.] the method for recording testimony (if the subpoena seeks testimony.) Marriott International Inc. is a confusing organization to conduct service process for. Depending on the area, however, the trained officials provide insight into specifics if they have an issue.


Contact us at (888) 554-4669 for more information about our process serving agency. We are ready to provide service of process to all of our clients globally from our offices in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” ~Henry Ford.

1. N.Y. Bus. Corp. Law § 306

Service of process on the secretary of state as an agent of a domestic or authorized foreign corporation shall be made by personally delivering to and leaving with the secretary of state or a deputy or with any person authorized by the secretary of state to receive such service, at the office of the department of state in the city of Albany, duplicate copies of such process together with the statutory fee, which fee shall be a taxable disbursement. Service of process on such corporation shall be complete when the secretary of state is so served. The secretary of state shall promptly send one of such copies by certified mail, return receipt requested, to such corporation, at the post office address, on file in the department of state, specified for the purpose. If a domestic or authorized foreign corporation has no such address on file in the department of state, the secretary of state shall so mail such copy, in the case of a domestic corporation, in care of any director named in its certificate of incorporation at the director’s address stated therein or, in the case of an authorized foreign corporation, to such corporation at the address of its office within this state on file in the department.

2. Marriott International

c/o CT Corporation Systems

28 Liberty St, 42nd Floor

New York, NY 10005


Documents can be faxed at (914) 297-6642, emailed We do require prepayment and accept all major credit and debit cards. Once payment is processed, your sales receipt is immediately emailed for your records.

Drop-offs must call and make an appointment first to be added to building security to permit access to our office. Documents for service must be in a sealed envelope with payment in the form of a money order or attorney check payable to EMPIRE STATE LEGAL SERVICES INC.; All documents will be received by our receptionist.


The information contained herein has been prepared in compliance with Section 107 of the Copyright Act. Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works. The articles/Images contained herein serve as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, educational, and research-as examples of activities that qualify as fair use. Undisputed Legal Inc. is a Process Service Agency and “Not A Law Firm” therefore the articles/images contained herein are for educational purposes only, and not intended as legal advice


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